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Faux Finishes by Audrey is a full-service, residential finishing firm with a distinguished reputation. Whether you need help with minor updating, large-scale renovations or new construction, I'll help you achieve the look you want. On time and within budget. I pride myself in accomplishing new looks, original designs, textures and finishes that can enhance, warm or open any space. I do not limit myself, nor you when trying new things. I create mixed texture, faux wood, stone, tile, marble, linen, burlap, elephant skin, leather, suede, various animal print, crocodile skin, raised stenciling, lettering, Venetian plaster, Tuscan stucco, and old world plaster with peek-a-boo brick, etc. The options are almost endless. I can apply techniques to table tops, counters, cabinet facings, walls, floors, niches and even to canvas for wall art. I carve stone, brick and concrete board to achieve logos, names or abstract art. I do drywal repair and ceiling tile repair tape/float. I even stain concrete for that "one of a kind", custom flooring.

Every home should reflect the individual's personal style and taste, therefore I spend considerable time listening to each client's specific goals and ideas right from the start. Then I guide you every step of the way until your vision is realized. Every texture, finish and mural can be tweaked or customized to your taste by way of mediums used, tools, colors or amount of products. I try to make the flow of my work blend seamlessly, enhance or pleasing contrast to the existing decor/theme of your home or office.

I am skilled at solving complex space and design problems and take pride in my ability to work closely with architects, builders, contractors and families to ensure quality workmanship and attention to detail. My extensive experience and creativity have led to industry recognition, and most importantly, very satisfied clients.

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